Website Content Liaisons

This list below identifies the designated website content liaisons by division and/or collegeContent liaisons should be the first point of contact for any updates to website content or for new website content needs. 

Unit/Content Area Department within a Division or College Content Liaison
  Matthew Spillum, IET Web Team
Admissions   Sonya Hernandez

Enrollment Services
(including Partnerships)

  Sonya Hernandez

Equal Employment and Diversity Office

  Cori Robinson
Finance and Operations   To be determined
  Campus Operations To be determined
  Financial Management To be determined
  Financial Aid Angela Lofgren
Human Resources All HR content vacant
  Job Postings vacant
Institutional Effectiveness and  Technology Services (IET)   IET Web Team
  Endpoint Technology Services IET Web Team
  Enterprise Application and Info Services IET Web Team
  Institutional Research IET Web Team
  Service and Project Management IET Web Team
Institute for Professional Development (IPD)   n/a - IPD has its own site, links to it

Marketing and



Matthew Spillum

University Advancement   Mai Nyua Lee
  Alumni Relations Mai Nyua Lee
  Grants and Development, Foundation Mai Nyua Lee
Academic and Student Affairs
  Dina Inderlee
College of Community Studies and Public Affairs
  Kathryn Gilbert 
  Human Services

Kathryn Gilbert 

  Psychology Kathryn Gilbert 
  Public and Nonprofit Leadership Kathryn Gilbert 
  School of Law Enf and Criminal Justice Kathryn Gilbert 
  Social Work Kathryn Gilbert 
College of Individualized Studies   Mary Williams
  Individualized & Interdisciplinary Stdy Mary Williams
College of Liberal Arts   Maurice Manton
  Ethnic and Religious Studies Maurice Manton
  History Maurice Manton
  Literature and Language Maurice Manton
  Philosophy Maurice Manton
  School of Communication Writing and Arts Maurice Manton
  Social Science Maurice Manton
College of Management   Bill Pomerenke
  Accounting Bill Pomerenke
  Economics and Finance Bill Pomerenke
  Management Entrepeneurship and HRM Bill Pomerenke
  Management Information Systems Bill Pomerenke
  Marketing, Supply Chain Ops, and IBUS Bill Pomerenke
College of Nursing and Health Sciences   Corey Schmitz
  Dental Hygiene Corey Schmitz
  Nursing Corey Schmitz
College of Sciences   Barbara Savage
  Information and Computer Sciences Barbara Savage
  Mathematics Barbara Savage
  Natural Sciences Barbara Savage
School of Urban Education   Lavina Wagner
  Early Childhood and Elementary Education Lavina Wagner
  ESL, Secondary, and Special Education  Lavina Wagner

Center for Educational Innovation

  IET Web Team
  Center for Faculty Development To be determined
  Center for Online Learning Andrew Marz
  Center of Excellence, Advance IT MN n/a - Advance IT has its own site, links to it

Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship

  Brian Higbee
Library Services   Library Web Team members: Jennifer DeJonghe, Christine Larson, Alec Sonsteby, Zorian Sasyk, Bee Xiong

Dental Clinic (Maplewood)


  Brittanie Karkula and Tania Sanchez Cortes
Registrar's Office  

To be determined - primary

Backups: Laurie Salin, Daryl Johnson

Student Success
(including University Advising)

  To be determined
  Career Center To be determined
  Center for Academic Excellence To be determined
  Counseling Services Michelle Loredo
  Gateway Student Services To be determined
  Placement Assessment To be determined
  Student Parent Center Michelle Loredo
  Women’s and LGBTQ Student Services  To be determined
Student Affairs    
  Center for Accessibility Resources Kristin Burgess
  Culturally Responsive Support (formerly Multicultural Student Services), including Veteran Services To be determined
  Healthcare and Wellness Services To be determined
  International Student Services Linda Martinez
  Student Life and Leadership Development To be determined
  TRIO Programs Quina Davis




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